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Checking in after 3 months

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Dark Shadows has been published on Amazon for three months now, in Kindle and Paperback formats, and I wanted to check in. Dark Shadows is collection of 14 short stories that I scare myself with whenever I do a reading or I post excerpts somewhere.

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has bought the book, has checked in with me with feedback, or has left a review on any of the Amazon sites globally.

I have posted a short paragraph from The Night Gardener below. This is one of my favorites, and actually is based on an almost real adventure that my wife and I had whilst on vacation. The Night Gardener was a real person, without the homicidal tendencies. At least, as far as I know...

By the light of one of the roadside lights, they made out the form of a man. He was trimming the stray and dead branches of a palm tree which hung over the road. The green t-shirt he wore identified him as one of the island’s gardeners.

As they approached, he froze. The machete he wielded raised above his head, ready to chop a rogue branch. A gecko, sitting directly under the potential path of the blade, seized the opportunity, gulped and scuttled away.

“Evening” the man said, in a slow and phlegmy voice. He smiled and his four or five remaining teeth glistened wetly in the sallow light.

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