Dark Shadows and Evolution are available on Amazon.  Seaboard Springs will be available in 2020. Enjoy!

Anthony Haywood Dark Shadows Author
Dark Shadows


Have you ever wondered what lurks in the Stygian depths of the the darkest nights? Have you ever experienced terror so overwhelming that it pushes the boundary of your sanity?

I invite you to come along and experience both, as we explore some of the darkest reaches of what is real and what exists only in your mind. Come along for the ride, if you dare.

This is a collection of 14 short stories, each having a distinctly eerie and disturbing chill, to haunt you on those sleepless nights.


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I don't often choose to read short stories but this book was recommended. Each of the stories are unique, there is no common thread of topic; ranging from the supernatural to the downright weird (The Intense Man.) I was pleasantly surprised with the maturity of prose for a debut author. The descriptions are vivid, which is unusual for a book of short stories, due to the limited time available to build a picture to captivate the imagination. Overall, I was impressed and enjoyed this book from cover to cover. Highly recommended.


Anthony Haywood Evolution Author

ISBN: 9781798748329

The endless line of creatures emerge from the depths below; pestilence and death stream from the pit. A war has begun.

The human race will not surrender, but the unstoppable leviathan mass is spreading.

The biggest threat to mankind and the world has ruptured the confines of New Mexico and is pushing across the United States and out across the oceans as far as Africa, Europe and Asia.

Desperate to survive and amid the chaotic bloodshed, a small group of petrified souls find each other and are thrown into a head-on confrontation with a species bent on the destruction of everything.

Within a few days, billions are killed; slaughtered at the hands of the beasts. Mankind teeters on the brink of extinction.

Slowly, the weary group of travelers meander across Asia, where they face an unending threat, from not only their newfound predators but also from the desolation and death that surrounds them.

From the deserted streets of Malaysia to the bloody waters of the South China Sea; everywhere they go there is death. Even the once fashionable neighborhoods of London are silent; the signs of massacre everywhere, reflected in the dead eyes of the corpses that litter the streets.


Despairingly, one survivor breaks down, sobbing quietly, the steam from his breath crystallizing in the air before him.  The vista of the setting sun, descending behind the hills, agonizes him and he somehow knows that this is the end.


Available on Amazon now.

Anthony Haywood Author
Seaboard Springs
A novel about the burgeoning growth of terror and evil...

Coming later in 2020!